In this Clinic Allan will be working on Trail & Progressive work.

TRAIL: These are extremely popular clinics, normally two or three days. Destinations quite often vary, and accommodation can vary from units to camping depending on the location. Day one is a foundation clinic in a controlled environment, usually an arena. This foundation class comes with a twist as socialization of horses and their riders is essential, horse and rider will be put through exercises such as riding in formation and claustrophobic situations. As with all clinics there is a focus on control and safety but riding out on the trail brings to the surface horse and rider insecurities. Day two is out on the trail and working on riding with awareness, safety, control, and socialization. Riders also get the opportunity to deal with issues that arise on the trail e.g., the upfront chargy horse, jigging or kicking, without of course loosing focus on quality riding habits learnt in the foundation class. Riders who are overwhelmed by fear are advised to become competent in foundation clinics before attempting this clinic.

PROGRESSIVE: Apart from a basic groundwork warmup this is a fun, challenging and predominantly ridden clinic. Walk, trot and canter are covered in this class, riders are challenged with more advanced maneuvers, Progressive classes create greater understanding and appreciation of foundation exercises. No two clinics are the same participants can be exposed to different exercises depending on experience and individuals’ interests. Hackamore horses welcome.