In this Clinic Allan will be working on Foundation work.

Foundation: This class has a mixture of groundwork and riding, with an emphasis on tying the groundwork to basic riding foundation. Most of the riding is done at the walk and trot covering all the basic moves, this enables participants to establish a solid foundation in a slow methodical fashion. This class is essential if a person is interested in advancing with their horse regardless of the discipline. Snaffle bits only, no tie downs, martingales, or crossover nosebands.

Overview: All clinics have a common thread regarding the mental and physical approach to the horse human relationship. Developing your feel, timing and understanding of the horse are the cornerstones if this approach, with and emphasis on a soft, light and responsive mount. all clinics can vary slightly as different locations have access to different stimulus whether it be obstacles, cattle, rural or urban. The focus is maintaining the same quality riding regardless of situation or location or discipline. No video footage, photos can be taken.

22nd & 23rd July


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