In this Clinic Allan will be working on Progressive & Foundation work.

FOUNDATION: This class has a mixture of groundwork and riding, with an emphasis on tying the groundwork to basic riding foundation. Most of the riding is done at the walk and trot covering all the basic moves, this enables participants to establish a solid foundation in a slow methodical fashion. This class is essential if a person is interested in advancing with their horse regardless of the discipline. Snaffle bits only, no tie downs, martingales, or crossover nosebands.

PROGRESSIVE: Apart from a basic groundwork warmup this is a fun, challenging and predominantly ridden clinic. Walk, trot and canter are covered in this class, riders are challenged with more advanced maneuvers, Progressive classes create greater understanding and appreciation of foundation exercises. No two clinics are the same participants can be exposed to different exercises depending on experience and individuals’ interests. Hackamore horses welcome.